Dodsy vs The Sage: Predicting the Premier League results

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After a strong performance picking the midweek results, The Sage is currently leading the head-to-head 4-2. Can Dodsy close the gap this weekend?

Tottenham v Arsenal

Dodsy: Tottenham are not in a good place at the moment and know losing to Arsenal would seriously risk their top 4 position. For the good of the league and to make it as exciting as possible I am talking an Arsenal win into existence. Tottenham 1-2 Arsenal.

The Sage: Spur’s recent regression coupled with Arsenal’s improvements of late, will leave this one all square. Tottenham 1-1 Arsenal.

Bournemouth v Manchester City

Dodsy: I really like Bournemouth and respect the fact they will always try and play football against the big boys. Sadly, this plays right into Manchester City’s hands, who also play football and do it a bit better. Bournemouth 0-4 Manchester City.

The Sage: So much about the Bournemouth story shouts miracle. I take the Cherries to perform another minor one here by taking a point off a tired City. Bournemouth 1-1 Manchester City.

Brighton v Huddersfield

Dodsy: Huddersfield picked up an impressive 3 points in midweek but I don’t see it happening again. A standard, simple home win for the better team. Brighton 2-0 Huddersfield.

The Sage: The side with the worst current form in the league, plays the side with the second worst. Brighton have actually been marginally the worse of the two over the last six games, but they have a lot more to play for here. The Yorkshire side are gone, but Brighton are still in a fight for the lives to avoid 18th place. Fear is a great motivator. Brighton 1-0 Huddersfield.

Burnley v Crystal Palace

Dodsy: Tough one to call. Any result wouldn’t surprise me. I was disappointed by Burnley against Newcastle in midweek and I can see Crystal Palace getting something. Burnley 1-1 Crystal Palace.

The Sage: The bookies price Palace up as favourites here, but it’s Burnley, with home advantage, for me. Burnley 2-1 Palace.

Manchester Utd v Southampton

Dodsy: If there is a team to slow down Man Utd’s form, it won’t be Southampton. Manchester Utd 3-0 Southampton.

The Sage: Providing they have 11 decent players fit Utd will breeze this. If they haven’t got 11 decent players fit, Fred will get a game again. Manchester Utd 2-0 Southampton.

Wolves v Cardiff

Dodsy: I keep predicting a plucky performance from Cardiff in these difficult situations and keep being disappointed so I will back Wolves to win comfortably. Wolves 2-0 Cardiff.

The Sage: Wolves back to winning ways here. Wolves 2-0 Cardiff.

West Ham v Newcastle

Dodsy: West Ham did their best to frustrate Man City in the week and just fell short. I have been impressed by Newcastle recently and respect the job Rafa has been doing. In the end I think they cancel each other out. West Ham 0-0 Newcastle.

The Sage: I really am not sure about this. West Ham should win it, but equally I wouldn’t collapse in surprise if Newcastle did. West Ham 2-2 Newcastle.

Watford v Leicester

Dodsy: It will be interesting to see the impact Rodgers will have in Leicester. Watford are a good team but I am backing Leicester to impress their new boss today. Watford 1-2 Leicester.

The Sage: Apologies to all Leicester fans, but I hope Rodgers gets stuffed in his first game in charge. Watford 3-1 Leicester.

Fulham v Chelsea

Dodsy: What a mess this season has been for Fulham and I don’t see Parker suddenly turning their fortunes around. Surely Chelsea take the 3 points back home down the road. Fulham 0-2 Chelsea.

The Sage: West London rivalry is only ending one way here. Fulham 0-3 Chelsea.

Everton v Liverpool

Dodsy: Maybe the hardest game to call. Against any other top team I would see Everton losing. But nothing would make them happier than to derail Liverpool’s title bid. I think Liverpool find a way but it will be mighty close. Everton 0-1 Liverpool.

The Sage: Soak up the early pressure, begin to dominate the ball, score a couple of classy goals. 4 points clear by the end of the weekend. Everton 0-2 Liverpool.


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