Dodsy vs The Sage: Predicting the Premier League results

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Dodsy and The Sage go head-to-head predicting the Premier League scores in these midweek games. After last weekend’s results, The Sage leads 3-2 over Dodsy. 

Cardiff v Everton

Dodsy: It depends how Everton come out after a long break without a game. Cardiff will bounce back from last week but if I have to back one of these squads it has to be Everton. Cardiff 1-2 Everton.

The Sage: After a long break Everton will return with purpose. Surely the tide has got to turn. What better opposition than Cardiff to see that happen. Cardiff 0-2 Everton.

Huddersfield v Wolves

Dodsy: Sadly, there is a reason Huddersfield are where they are. Relegation is on the horizon and this game will not help delay the inevitable. Huddersfield 0-3 Wolves.

The Sage: Wolverhampton will keep wandering on. Huddersfield 0-2 Wolves.

Leicester v Brighton

Dodsy: There is usually a reaction after a manager gets sacked and this may be the perfect game for them to respond, at home against Brighton. A solid win for the Foxes. Leicester 2-0 Brighton.

The Sage: Sometimes no manager is better than an unpopular one. I feel the players will pick up the tools they recently downed. Leicester 2-0 Brighton.

Newcastle v Burnley

Dodsy: Newcastle will be flying after last week but so will Burnley. For them to come back from the disappointment of Spurs equalising and go on to win showed real character. Both teams would be happy with a point and that seems the most likely option. Newcastle 0-0 Burnley.

The Sage: 2 teams on the up. Both playing too well to lose at the moment. Newcastle 1-1 Burnley.

Arsenal v Bournemouth

Dodsy: Arsenal were not clinical against Southampton but they were reasonably impressive at creating chances. Away from home, this could be a different story but I think at the Emirates they beat Bournemouth. Arsenal 2-0 Bournemouth.

The Sage: A ‘battle’ between 2 silky footballing sides. I’ll always take Arsenal at home. Arsenal 3-1 Bournemouth.

Southampton v Fulham

Dodsy: 2 teams that desperately need three points. So it will clearly end in a draw. Southampton 1-1 Fulham.

The Sage: In a battle concerning relegation teams, I’ll always take the one who still has a chink of light. Southampton 1-0 Fulham.

Chelsea v Tottenham

Dodsy: Maybe the backlash against Kepa and the public support for Sarri may be just what he needs to survive a little longer. Chelsea defended well and I can see this happening again. Chelsea 0-0 Tottenham.

The Sage: Chelsea will be up for this and there performance will be enough to hold Tottenham to their first draw of the season. Chelsea 2-2 Tottenham. 

Crystal Palace v Manchester United

Dodsy: United should win this game but I am not sure they will. Not only are they riddled with injuries but the effort against Liverpool will surely have taken it out of them. Crystal Palace are one of those teams that can spring a surprise, and whilst I don’t see them winning, I see them stealing a point. Crystal Palace 2-2 Manchester United.

The Sage: Despite their current injury list, if the players show even half as much resolve as they did against Liverpool, they should take all the points. Crystal Palace 1-2 Manchester United.

Liverpool v Watford

Dodsy: If Liverpool want to prove to the world they are not choking and throwing the league away, this is a must-win game. It will be a test, but one I am backing Liverpool to come through. Just. Liverpool 1-0 Watford.

The Sage: Mane and Salah both woefully out of form, Bobby injured and a midfield that doesn’t score goals. It is time for the squad to step up and I think the likes of Lallana, Shaqiri and Origi will do so. Liverpool 3-1 Watford.

Manchester City v West Ham

Dodsy: I almost talked myself into backing West Ham here and if it had been played in London maybe I would have. City have had an exhausting few days and there is often a drop in level after winning a trophy. However, they know that now is the moment to pressure Liverpool and Pep will get his boys motivated. Manchester City 3-1 West Ham.

The Sage: West Ham are a team on the way up, but Manchester City are in another stratosphere. Manchester City 2-0 West Ham. 

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