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The moment the axe fell on Claude Puel’s reign as Leicester boss, fans of the club were on twitter pleading for one man to take the role next. A man with a history of winning wherever he has gone. A man who has managed some of the biggest clubs in the world. In fact, the only manager to have won the Europa League (with Chelsea), the UEFA Super Cup (with Valencia), the Champions League (with Liverpool) and the FIFA Club World Cup (Inter Milan). But perhaps the most impressive titles came when leading Valencia to 2 La Liga trophies, breaking up the dominance of Real Madrid and Barcelona. Have you guessed it yet?

It is, of course, Rafa Benítez.

Why Benítez is the logical choice:

Forget the countless trophies or history of success. There are 3 keys reasons why this makes perfect sense.

1) His love of English football. Rafa has worked all around the world but always returns to the premier league. He has enjoyed success at Liverpool, Chelsea and even Newcastle, with a pathetic budget and a thin squad.

2) Rafa does not have unrealistic demands. He has produced miracles at Newcastle, keeping a mid-championship standard squad in the Premier League with a severly limited budget. And yet, he continues to work without complaining. Imagine that attitude at a club with a better, more understanding owner. Leicester don’t have unlimited money, but would give what they could to move up the table and aid Benítez.

3) Newcastle will never be what he wants it to be. As hard as it must be to accept for both Rafa and fans alike, Newcastle will never achieve the success they want, especially with Mike Ashley holding the purse strings. For a man of real integrity like Benítez, walking away before completing the job would sting but he has to think of himself. Surely his aims are easier to achieve in Leicester?

It may not happen. Other names are being mentioned like Brendan Rodgers. Benítez may want to finish what he has started in Newcastle. But if the fans have their choice, Rafa will be on his way to Leicester by the end of the weekend.


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