Dodsy vs The Sage: Predicting the Champions League results

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After Dodsy’s dominant FA Cup prediction win, the score stands at Dodsy 1-2 The Sage. Can he level up the score after this week’s Champions League fixtures?


Liverpool v Bayern Munich

Dodsy: I would have gone for a fairly comfortable home win here but with injury issues, I’m going to pick a score draw. Liverpool 1-1 Bayern Munich.

The Sage: It’s hard to imagine that the first leg of a knockout round at Anfield in the Champions League against Bayern Munich is the hors d’oeuvre, but that is the case for Liverpool this week. Such in the enormity of Manchester United at Old Trafford on Sunday, that Bayern on Tuesday is but the warm up act. Injuries and a significant suspension may well hamper Liverpool. I take them to just nick it. Liverpool 2-1 Bayern Munich.


Lyon v Barcelona

Dodsy: I have been mightily impressed with Lyon this season in the Champions League and wouldn’t be surprise to see them take at least a point but I just feel Messi will turn up for this one. Lyon 1-3 Barcelona.

The Sage: I just feel Lyon might pull something off at home to Barca. Was going draw, but decided to be bold. Barca don’t win away in Europe that often – I think only against Spurs this season. Lyon 2-1 Barcelona.


Atlético Madrid v Juventus

Dodsy: Both teams will play it safe for the first league. Juventus are playing well and will probably score but I cannot separate these two, so I won’t. Atlético Madrid 1-1 Juventus.

The Sage: Simeone will play for his usual 1-0. Juve will be hard to break down and settle for 0-0. In Europe it’s probably the most even first leg result what with the away goal rule. Both will be happy. Atlético Madrid 0-0 Juventus.


Schalke v Manchester City

Dodsy: The real focus for Pep this season is the Champions League and Schalke will not be able to stand in the way. Schalke 0-3 Manchester City.

The Sage: Comfortable win for City against a Schalke side that are struggling in the Bundesliga. Schalke 0-3 Manchester City.

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