Dodsy vs The Sage: Predicting the FA Cup results

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Dodsy and The Sage go head-to-head predicting this weekend’s FA Cup results.

QPR v Watford

Dodsy: Not a cut and dry one here but Watford will see this as too good an opportunity to miss. QPR 0-1 Watford.

The Sage: Anything could happen down at ‘the Bush’ these days, but I’ll go for a predictable Premier League club win. QPR 1-2 Watford.

 Brighton v Derby

Dodsy: Brighton are strong at home and don’t often concede many goals. Frank gets the boys going for cup matches so I can see a draw here. Brighton 1-1 Derby.

The Sage: Too close to call. Ends all square. Brighton 1-1 Derby.

 Wimbledon AFC v Millwall

Dodsy: Millwall will have too much. Just. Wimbledon 0-1 Millwall.

The Sage: A narrow victory for South East London. Wimbledon 1-2 Millwall.

Newport v Manchester City

Dodsy: Newport have done fantastically well to get this far and will fight bravely but we have seen City dismantle lower-league opposition and in imposing fashion. Newport 0-6 Manchester City.

The Sage: Could be a cricket score, hope it’s not. Newport 0-4 Manchester City.

Bristol City v Wolverhampton Wanderers

Dodsy: This is a fascinating game. Bristol City are a really good team and Wolves will have to be at their best to beat them away from home. I think they will be. Bristol City 0-1 Wolverhampton Wanderers.

The Sage: I won’t be shocked if this one turns up a ‘shock’ result. Bristol City 2-1 Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Doncaster Rovers v Crystal Palace

Dodsy: I am not always in favour of picking Palace, especially away from home but I think they’ve got this one. Doncaster 0-2 Crystal Palace.

The Sage: Comfortable for Palace. Doncaster 0-2 Crystal Palace.

Swansea v Brentford

Dodsy: Can see the quality and form of these 2 teams cancelling each other out. Bore draw. Swansea 0-0 Brentford.

The Sage: Two evenly matched teams with the playoff chasing shackles off. I’m going for a goalfest. Swansea 3-2 Brentford.

Chelsea v Manchester Utd

Dodsy: This is an interesting one. Chelsea really need something and at home, in a huge cup tie I think they will turn up firing. They knocked out a strong Tottenham team from the Carabao cup and I think they will repeat that performance this weekend. United could feel the loss of recent injuries. Chelsea 2-1 Manchester United.

The Sage: No result would surprise me. I’ll go for the one that neither wants. Chelsea 1-1 Manchester United.

Who do you think wins this weekend? Comment below. 

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