England’s Best Team for the Euros 2020

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England produced a fantastic performance in the 2018 World Cup. The question is: how do they build on this? What tweaks do they need to make in order to really compete and even win the Euros in 2020?

'England produced a fantastic performance in the 2018 World Cup. The question is: how do they build on this? What tweaks do they need to make in order to really compete and even win the Euros in 2020?' Click To Tweet

Based on what we know currently and predicting how players will improve over the next 18 months, Dodsy has selected his starting XI for England’s campaign at the Euros in 2020. Below he justifies why. 

The justification

The formation chosen is similar to something Southgate often used at the World Cup. All the key players that proved themselves under the brightest lights are still there. Pickford was composed and solid. He retains his place. Set-piece aficionado, Kieran Trippier, has to play to provide a constant threat with his delivery. Maguire and Stones return with the only change at centre-back being the more natural Gomez in for the uncomfortable Walker. Chilwell is the natural fit for a position that was never properly filled in 2018.

The central midfield is key to this and depends on two things. 1) Oxlade-Chamberlain returns to full fitness and matches his ability from before after an extended period out injured. 2) Both players continue to improve at current rates. England is critically low on creative midfield players in the middle of the park and Oxlade-Chamberlain provides a physical presence that can take the ball box-to-box and dominate an opponent substantially. If the Ox had been fit and man-marked Modric in the World Cup semifinals, his impact may well have been felt. Beside the Ox, we need a player who can create a chance and pick out a pass and Maddison fits that bill. Alli disappears playing this far back, and both Henderson and Dier fail to impress internationally. A new face is needed and whilst both Maddison and Harry Winks could fit the bill, I’m going for the Leicester man.

Sterling and Kane are not going anywhere. Sterling is rapidly improving playing for Man City and Kane is truly world class up front. Whilst a lot of people would pick Rashford for the final position, his greatest strength is through the middle and if Kane is playing, there is no room at the inn for him. Out wide, Jadon Sancho is already an exciting opportunity and with 18 months of improvements, imagine how impressive he could be. The determining factor will be how much first-team action he continues to receive. Based on his form this season, that will not be an issue.

This team, with a bench that includes talents like Rashford, Alli, Lingard, Alexander-Arnold and Barkley, has a real opportunity to go on and lift the trophy here.

What would your starting XI be? Comment below. 

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One thought on “England’s Best Team for the Euros 2020

  1. That midfield wouldn’t work. I’m a huge fan of Maddison but he’s not good enough defensively to be used this deep. Alli would be far better in this role but really you do need at least one more defensive player – Winks, Dier or Rice or possibly Henderson.
    Alli has actually done quite well when he’s played deeper and he’s definitely in England’s best XI and probably our 3rd best player after Kane and Sterling. Oxlade-Chamberlain very much depends on whether he can regain the level he was at last season.
    The defence and attack is good but although that worked well at the World Cup I think we’re better off sticking with a back 4 now and a Winks Alli Maddison would work well.

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